Do you enjoy watching food documentaries though you do not know how to cook? Likes to see Master chefs on TV and the food battles they are going through having to cook the wholesale frozen meat Singapore which should be included in their dish? Or simply lying on your lazy couch and see some food critics saying this and that cuisine is bad while others are good. Well, whatever it is, if you are a fan of any reality food show/documentary or any food critic, you should be careful when digesting facts coming from their mouth. It could be right but it could also be misleading at times.

One of the food lies which is too hard to digest was made by a documentary called ‘What the Health’. They suggested that consuming an egg yolk can kill your health as much as smoking 5 cigarettes at one go. Although the fact is based on a research journal on atherosclerosis but was later proven flawed in so many ways.

Next is the idea of food detox promoted by a programmer called Food Matters. Through this show, they encourage people to have a 3-day detox of removing toxins by drinking juices, smoothies and soups which are made based on the guidelines provided. However, having too much detox is harmful as it might also cause good bacteria that has been taking care of your digestive tract to get flush down into the toilet as well.

Another idea was what our ears already been fed since forever – vegetables will lose all its nutrients when cooked. The Raw Truth has claimed that any food cooked above 47°C will lose its nutritional values and the best way to eat it is by swallowing it in its raw form. This is the opposite to a research conducted by Food Chemistry proving that steamed vegetables will preserve the antioxidants in them and that cooked food can be digested better than the raw ones.

In conclusion, do not let yourself fall into the trap and lies spoken by the so-called food all-known no matter how smart the claim sounds like, unless, they based the fact based on a well-conducted research which is proven and accepted by many. Make sure your halal meat Singapore is well picked and bought from a trusted supplier.

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