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SEO Trends To Keep Up With In 2019

SEO Trends To Keep Up With In 2019

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing a website in order for it to reach high rank within the search engine such as Google. As technology advances, so does SEO. It keeps improving its logic to provide only the best quality sites at the top of the search engine tools. As businesses in Malaysia compete to be at the top page of Google, SEO Malaysia agencies also rises to cater for this need. Now that 2019 is here, there are new trends in SEO business for SEO Malaysia experts to keep up with:

  • Voice Search

Speech recognition is getting better and better. As users tend to use mobile devices to browse rather than desktops, the need for flexibility and ease of use are getting more important. Obviously, speech is much more easier compared to typing, and this trend is getting more and more popular in the future. Simply tell your device verbally what keywords you are searching, and your device would browse them in the internet for you.

  • Video Optimization

Video is one of users’ favorite medium to receive information. The combined graphics and sound allow the information to be captured more easily by the viewer, compared to having them to read text only, or to listen only. Video optimization is important to keep your video in high quality, correctly chosen keywords, and high performance.

  • Quality Content

What does quality content mean? If you browse for SEO, often you’ll find the term quality content. It literally means that your website should have contents with high quality. You need to understand that when people browse for something, they do intend to find quality information. They want their questions to be answered correctly and completely. Kindly evaluate whether or not your website contain rich informative contents that are readable by the visitors.

Those are some new trends to keep up with. The experts of SEO Malaysia keep improving their SEO methods to conform with the latest trends so that your business would be easily discoverable by your potential customers.

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