Traditional medication is usually passed down from generations to generations. There are differences in the types of traditional medication that is based on your race, culture and where you come from. But some may be similar. Usually, when associating traditional medication they usually see it as being natural? Can consuming too much traditional be deadly? It may be a bit puzzling to why people still choose traditional medicine, and some over modern medicine, that has undergone many research and innovations in this modern era. In this article we help find that answer for you, so before you set out searching for the 脂肪肝中藥马来西亚, you should read on, to know whether traditional medication is actually good for the body.

Traditional medicine like in the chinese tradition tend to use a lot of natural herbs and spices. One of the most commonly used herbs and spices known are astragalus. Astragalus common plant that is only native to the asian continent. It can also be known as the yelllow rooted plant. In traditional chinese medicine, this plant is only used for its roots and it is consumed after it has been boiled and used with other ginger and ginseng. It is said and that it can have the function to the immune function, other things like heart disease, as well as fatigue. Although, due to its immunity properties, not everyone can consume astragalus as it can interfere with people that are taking drugs suppressing their immune system.

However, in studies, there actually is not actual distinction whether traditional medicine and practices actually works. Some claim that it is actually a placebo effect to the person. Answering the question whether traditional medicine is actually deadly, it depends on the ingredients on the medication. Some processed traditional medication so contain some ingredients that are proven to be a hazard to the body.  So before consume, you better consult or check out the ingredients to be sure it is safe.